The British Urology Centre (BUC) provides a technologically advanced and scientifically proven approach for the treatment of male urinary incontinence (MUI)


The BUC offer an end to male urinary incontinence and frequent urination typically after radical prostatectomy. The ATOMS (Adjustable Trans Obturator Male system ) is suitable for all degrees of male urinary incontinence, and can be routinely used after radiotherapy.


The BUC provides clinics and Consultant Urologist Surgeon direct access for patients throughout the UK promoting a fast and effective access for all Privately Insured, Self-Funding and NHS patients


The BUC provides a dedicated patient co-ordinator to liaise with patients via telephone and email.  The Patient Co-ordinator supports clinic appointments with a Consultant Urologist Surgeon specialising in the area of MUI and trained in the use of ATOMS. Treatment pathway options are discussed between patients and the Consultant Urologist Surgeon following an initial consultation and clinical assessment providing all patients with time to review the treatment options


BUC Surgeons are fellows of the Royal College of Surgeons FRCS ) and hold full time NHS Consultant Positions and are members of the British Association of Urological Surgeons ( BAUS ).


A Patient Testimonial – Patient H.G. 68 years old – “After undergoing a radical prostatectomy I was incontinent and needed between 15 and 20 pads per day.  Just under 4 years ago my urologist implanted and ATOMS system for me and I was completely dry immediately after surgery.  This day changed my life”.


BUC Centres are located throughout the UK supporting patient needs


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